The Russia's defense ministry is all set to launch a new range of UMV's (Unmanned Military vehicle) at upcoming arms manufacture expo beginning this summer. The expo will be a glimpse into the range of military developments, training and technological advancements that this country had been hugely investing in.

What to expect?

According to the Russian defence ministry's, scientific development centre for robotechnics' Russia's latest step into the manufacture of unmanned aerial and marine vehicles as well as military 'robots' will be unveiled in the Armiya 2015 expo outside Moscow this June.

Supposedly the event will showcase around 4000 to 5000 units of technological advancements including all new range of combat robots. There are also going to be robots developed by Russian engineering students. Some of these robots are capable of carrying out underwater missions replacing divers.

The flagships

Avatar: Last year the Platform-M, a remotely operated rocket with the capability of launching a grenade, was a flagship device. This year's anthropomorphic robot "Avatar" is supposed to be tested first time, which has been a long awaited ambitious project of the country. "Avatar" is an humanoid machine and it boasts the capabilities of operating vehicles and providing assistance in tensed battlefield.

To put it simply, it would be the real-life terminator (but he is assigned to kill humans!). Russian president Vladimir Putin has already observed the Avatar robot design earlier and reportedly he seemed happy about its performance.

Rostec: The ministry had also declared a month ago that they were developing equipment which will allow soldiers to receive instant updates of Warfield and hostile movements from surveillance drones via encrypted channels about the tactical environment they are in.

Soldiers would be connected through a system with a device in soldiers' uniform vest. The project has been labelled "the Soldier of the Future".

As Russia has embarked upon a new wave of futuristic weaponries, it's bound to create a ripple effect as the rest of the humanity prays these warheads will never have to be used.