Moscow, 9th of May

Victory Day is Russia's most important secular holiday, and the country has been celebrating it quite peacefully for many years. This year it was quite different. 200 warheads and Military hardware, more than 100 regiments totaling 16,500 troops, and hundreds of veterans in tears, made it the most grandeur day of the celebration yet. 

Military Display

After the meticulously choreographed welcome of Minister Sergei Shoigu, the display of Military warheads and machines began. The much touted Armata T-14 was the most one of the main attractions of the event.

The Russian machine has the world's first internally armoured capsule with 3 seater cockpit. It boasts automatic loading and a turret that could be operated remotely. The development of this tank has been in the news for some time. The RS-24 Yars ICBM launcher with its rumbling engine was also sighted.

Putin's Speech

Putin's speech was a reliving of bitter memories of World War to gathered military veterans, Troops and thousands of civilians came with their martyred relative's pictures. Putin himself carried a portrait of his naval veteran father. Touched by his speech, many of the veterans could not stop their tears. Putin also took a swipe at US saying there have been attempts to make a 'unipolar world' despites efforts at creating international co-operation.

But he also thanked US and UK for their chief contribution in the elimination of Nazism. Nearly 300,000 people walked to the Red Square to commemorate the historic day and also observed silence in remembrance of martyrs.

The West and Ukraine

The growing tension between the West and Russia over Ukraine's issues became more conspicuous than ever on Victory Day. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's arrival is scheduled on Monday and commemorating the Red Army's sacrifice is one of the many things on her agenda. With increasing disputes with the West, Putin seemed to have gone eastwards. Chinese President Xi Jinping was another key world leader to attend the event. Later in the day both countries signed a series of deals to cement mutual ties. China also promised to offer 17 billion pounds to save Russian companies caught up in their financial crisis.