An Istanbul-based magazine ‘Adimlar’ (Steps) has been attacked by unknown assailants, leaving one dead and three wounded, in the Wednesday night blast. Nobody has claimed the responsibility for the attack and police have not identified any suspects.

Adimlar, a radical magazine notorious for its strong anti-American content and its unwavering support for the ultra-radical and violent Islamic organisation ISIS, voiced its support for the Jihadi organization last October when they were interviewed by the CNN.

Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Ali Osman Zor is a self-described ‘’Islamic revolutionary’’ and a member of Great Eastern Islamic Raiders’ Front (IBDA-C), a militant organization whose goal is the establishment of the Caliphate in the Middle East.

Zor has previously voiced support, not just for ISIS as an organization, but also for their ultra-violent methods, citing that the actions taken by the radical group were justified in the light of, what he called, ’decades of Western Imperialism’ in the Middle East and oppression of Sunni Muslims by Kurds and Shi'a communities. In an interview last year, Zor pointed to Abu Gharib prison incidents and the US military operations in Iraq as examples of why the ISIS methods are justified.  

Ali Osman Zor’s brother, Unsal Zor has been killed in the Wednesday night’s blast while Ali Osman has been wounded.

The explosive device was left at the magazine’s front door and upon detonation blasted through the exterior wall, damaging the neighbouring buildings as well.

The police have not identified any possible assailants, nor the motive of the attack, as no immediate responsibility was claimed by any one group. One of the magazine’s staff, interviewed anonymously, quickly pointed out that the attack was most probably orchestrated by the CIA or the Mossad.

This is the second attack on a publication house this year, following the gunning down of cartoonists at a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The attack left 11 people dead and 11 more injured.