A momentous day for the people of Leicester and anyone who has been interested in following the story of King Richard III (affectionately known as The King in the Carpark) after his long forgotten remains were discovered during an archaeological dig at the Greyfriars site in the city during 2012.

The often maligned monarch was slain during the Battle of Bosworth on 21st August 1485, and the victor Henry Tudor proclaimed King. There are many arguments as to the true nature of his claim to the throne - as there are to Richards, and that is for a whole other time.

Today's event focus on giving King Richard the decent burial he deserves as an anointed monarch. This morning's service began with the bringing forward of the coffin. A simple ceremony in which the living descendants of the York line and members of the archaeological team at the University of Leicester were invited to place white roses on the newly coffined skeleton was incredibly moving. 

The funeral cortege will now slowly make its way through the streets of the city and it is thought that there will be numerous stopping points along the journey, including Bow Bridge (where the King, who had been unceremoniously slung naked over a horse after he was killed) was rumoured to have hit his head on the stonework, The procession will also stop at Bosworth Field, where he was slain.

After a short service, the King's coffin will be transferred from a funeral hearse to a Horse Drawn Carriage as he reaches his final resting place at the Cathedral in the city.

This is the start of a week of events put in place to honour the life of Richard, culimating in the offical reburial service which takes place on Thursday 26th March 2015 at 10am.

The service will be broadcast live on Channel 4 in the UK an available to stream online.  

Historians and anyone with a keen interest in monarchy will be following the events with a watchful eye. There have been many arguments and disagreements since the body of the King was found - all that really remains is to wish that he has the funeral he should have been afforded 500 years ago.

Loyaulty Me Lie!