The next stage of King Richard III's journey is complete with a solemn service held at Bosworth field - the place where he was so ignominiously slain.

In a moving ceremony, the King's lead lined coffin was brought on a bier, and pulled by members of the local armed services. It was led among the crowds to the middle of the field and stood alone as local dignitaries and clergy led prayers and psalms to give thanks for his life and mourn his loss. Tributes and remembrances were also paid to the other soldiers who bravely fought  and lost their lives in the battle, which took place on 21st August 1485. 

Phillipa Langley and Phil Stone from the Richard III Society played their own part in proceedings.

The latter reading a short synopsis of the monarch's life, whilst Ms Langley was responsible for placing ceremonial soil on the coffin - containing earth from three of the most important places to the King. These will be interred with him when he is finally reburied on Thursday 26th March.

There followed a 21 gun salute in traditional medieval style and a beacon was lit for remembrance. This will remain permanently alight until after the reburial has taken place later in the week. People in attendance were then invited to place white roses on the memorial to the fallen at the Bosworth Heritage Center. Michael Ibsen, one of the remaining descendants of the Yorkist line, via the King's sister Anne (and the man who is responsible for making the beautifully understated coffin the King rests in) was one of the first to come forward. 

The coffin was then replaced on the bier and led off, to applause from the crowd. 

The procession now continues to make it's way towards St Nicholas' Cathedral in Leicester and it's final resting place.

It is expected to arrive at around 17.35pm GMT. There will be live programming on Channel 4 in the UK this evening to mark the occasion. Live streaming is available at certain points throughout the day online and keep following Blasting News for regular updates. 

Loyaultie me lie!