ISIS has slowly taken control of several regions and provinces in the Middle East. Its strongholds are currently in Syria and northern Iraq but the group is slowly spreading its Military presence to countries such as Libya, Egypt and Afghanistan in attempts to spread its influence throughout the Middle East.

The dangers of the movement are clear for all to see in the horrifying execution videos that have been broadcast online. However, the only truly strong military action taken against them so far was taken by Egypt. The North African country carried out a series of air strikes on ISIS militants in Libya following the mass execution of 21 Egyptian Christians by the group.

The action taken by Egypt was if anything, a clear sign of the presence the group has managed to garner in North Africa. Now, the hope is that Iraqi troops are successful in their efforts, but that this marks the start of true action taken against IS. There has been the feeling that the group has managed to spread its influence too quickly in recent months, and steps against the group are desperately needed to ensure their position remains limited.