The election of Alexis Tsipras in Greece will certainly be the number one topic discussed by the eurozone Finance ministers as they meet on Monday. As we await their views, some reaction to Syriza's victory has already started to come through.

In Germany, a senior lawmaker from Angela Merkel's conservatives, Norbert Barthle, said on Monday morning: "with us there will be no further debt reduction for Greece." Barthle highlighted that Syriza and Tsipras must realise that the German taxpayers are liable for a large portion of Greek aid. Also in Germany, Bundesbank President, Jens Weidmann said his hope was that the "new Greek Government will not make promises it cannot keep and the country cannot afford."

Meanwhile, Jan Van Overtveld, the Belgian Finance Minister, did admit there may room for a little flexibility but highlighted that Greece "must respect the rules of monetary union." EU Affairs Minister Sandro Gozi also had encouraging words for Greece saying that the Syriza's victory offered "new opportunities to pursue change in Europe to create growth and investment and fight against unemployment."