Too many European immigrants in the UK, too many people every year ask to live as the locals. These are the words that can summarize what David Cameron said today when he has again spoken on the immigration issue.
The free movement of European citizens is not being questioned, but the British Prime Minister is preparing a plan to control access to their own country and contain the phenomenon of immigration and intends to present it in Brussels. The argument made might seem harsh, but the goal is to give voice to a line of thinking that is spreading more and more in several European countries, not just in Britain.

Cameron's proposal

Cameron's plan aims to make less favorable living conditions for immigrants in the first four years of residence. An idea that may appear simultaneously devious and good, but, in order to express their thoughts, one must know what are the changes that could be introduced and interest to the many people who decide to move to London.
According to Cameron, for the first 4 years in which you are resident in the UK you can not access the privileges that the policy of the welfare state provides to citizens by right of birth: no tax relief, no housing, no right to family allowances, rules on family reunification and repatriation if you are not able to find a job, etc. Immigrants will not be expelled from the country or blocked at the border. It will be given to everyone the chance to live the London life, but they will have no aid from the state.

The Minister will propose in Brussels his plan for immigration control in the interest of the people of the United Kingdom, according to his statements, deserves to be heard on the matter.

If the proposal is not taken into account, the United Kingdom could also leave the European Union. As said, these new rules (basically a welfare alternative for Europeans emigrants) may also appear righteous (matter of point of view that we are not here to discuss), but wouldn't the application of this differences between European citizens, virtually declare that the UK does not feel as part of Europe?