There is nothing that prepares you to witness a bloody massacre, especially when it involves innocent children. The question that comes into mind is, inst there any limit to human Barbary ? I can hardly imagine what goes in someone's head while walking from classroom to classroom and shooting children in the head one by one.

The Army school attack was not chosen randomly, it was a way for Taliban to tell the army: we can attack you at the heart of your city as Peshawar is known to be a highly sensitive location where The army is mostly in control of every single corner.

The siege at the Army Public School, which teaches boys and girls from both Military and civilian families, lasted around eight hours. Many have criticized the army for not taking bold action earlier so that so many deaths would have been avoided.

The army has declared that, Tuesday's attack was carried out by seven Taliban terrorists, all wearing bomb vests in order to commit suicide if needed. Once more Pakistan is burying its dead, officials have admitted so far 132 children and nine staff amongst the victims.

Pakistan has already had its share of tragedies, from US drones killing innocent civilians to Taliban terrorists blowing a school or killing nurses that fight polio in the countryside because someone has decided that they were doing something against Islam laws.

The countryside is known to still support Taliban terrorists, some say by no choice as the army and government has always been absent and never tried to develop the isolated areas, others for lack of education which lead them to believe that this movement is truly representative of Islam.

All foreign countries have expressed their disgust at the attack and even Pakistan's neighbour, India has joined with its parliament observing a minute's silence in honour of the the young victims.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his country's "deepest condolences" and vowed to stick with Pakistan in those darkest moments.

Let's just hope after such disgrace, we are counting the final hours of Taliban terrorism.