Thailand is commonly known as The land of smiles, it is true having lived there I can say that it is less cold than when you are in Western countries. But as always there is a catch to that.

The Smiling started around the second world war by the CIA stationed in Bangkok, in order to stop the spread of communism in the region (Vietnam and Cambodia had already fallen) they decided to make Thailand a tourist spot, so Western presence would influence local people to adopt a more open way of seeing things and behaving.

The result is, some Thai cities such as Pattaya have been turned into an open air brothel where bars and girls moving at the rhythm of western music, looking for an easy exit from the country.

In Koh Samui's nearest island called Koh Pangha there is the famous Full Moon party where every full moon, Youngsters head to the island for a night of drug abuse, alcohol and everything else. The number of deaths is soaring and some authorities such as The Australian government is warning its citizen to not fall into this madness and come back alive instead...but would you listen when you are in your twenties and party is the only word in your mouth?

Youngsters from The UK and other regions flock to the cheap destination for affordable beer and entertainment, but at what cost? September 15 on Koh Tao island two British backpackers Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were savagely killed, supposedly by two Myanmar men who have been claiming innocence since then and said that they were subject to torture in order to confess.

Everyday when opening Thai news sites I stumbleupon news such as: A Russian man falls to his death from his high end condominium in Pattaya, girls raped in Krabi region, another tourist commits suicide in a Bangkok hotel...etc why would you go all the way to Thailand on holiday to end your life?

Every time someone is caught is either a foreign worker that barely speaks the language or Police has ruled out that the guy jumped from his high end condo that he has just bought with his Thai girlfriend...hmm