"We are all Americans," said Obama just a couple of days ago on the occasion of the reopening of the dialogue between the US and Cuba. We are all Americans. Perhaps it is true. But with a small difference. There are still white Americans, and there are still American blacks. The first matters, the seconds don't. The first command, the latter suffer. The former are protected, the seconds are forgotten. For two days in New York and across America people are asking: "'Is this the American dream?"

New cop assaulted in the US.

In 2014 people are killed for their skin color. Saturday afternoon at 15, at the intersection of Myrtle and Tompkins Avenue, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a young African-American of 28 years, has approached a police car, pulled out a gun and fired. Killed Wenjian Liu, 32, and Rafael Ramos, 40, two sons. They had two faults: be cops and be white. The same fault of another policeman, attacked yesterday in the station's 28th district. A man entered the building, hit the policeman and broke an arm.

Racism has accompanied the history of the United States of America from their birth to the present, but the escalation of violence that is experienced in the last period brought the shadow of racism throughout the state.

"We still can not believe it, the cops should be considered heroes" say New Yorkers. While the protections of the policemen on duty are increased. The atmosphere is unhealthy. An air of suspicion and terror.

And now, instead of stopping to reflect on the integration between whites and blacks in American society, they start to point fingers in the crowd, looking for a responsible, a scapegoat to blame.

To hide the problems of the American nightmare. Police have turned their backs to the Mayor de Blasio during his press conference after the deaths. "This murder is not random. There is a responsibility that leads to the office of our mayor. He has blood on his hands". While former New York Mayor Giuliani, however, points the finger at Obama. "We have had months of propaganda, from the President, that everyone should hate the cops." America finds itself suddenly increasingly divided. Among those who want change and those who want to close in on itself. Among those who do not see differences between black and white, and those who see the difference between police and citizens. A critical step in this America, which threatens to turn into a real battlefield.

Every year more than 400 people are killed by police according to FBI data. 122 policemen killed in service in 2014. The gun fights are at least 200 thousand. 300 million weapons are circulating freely in the country. Are these the numbers of democracy?