"Love Island" is back and bringing the usual drama, as it does to our screens every year. This year we saw Adam go from one girl to the next in the space of a few days, Megan broke fans' hearts when she chose Eyal over Alex and Wes broke up with Laura for Megan. Audiences were shocked, however, by Josh and Georgia's recent split.

The return of Casa Amor, the separation of the boys into a different villa with the addition of new girls and boys to the island to stir things up, led to trouble for Georgia and Josh. Josh picked the new girl, Kaz, and left Georgia single in the villa.

Josh and Georgia's relationship in the villa has been a rather quiet one. We have had very little screen time of them and this led many to believe they could fall victim to last week's public vote. This could be partly due to their rather undramatic relationship up to this point.

Josh's antics in Casa Amor

This all changed with the introduction of Casa Amor. Georgia's relationship was put to the test and ultimately failed. With the introduction of the new girls to the island, we saw Josh's head turned by new girl Kaz. On the first day, in fact, we saw Josh jumping around on a bed in frustration after seeing Kaz in a skimpy bikini.

Josh was not alone in this, however, as Georgia was also tempted by the new boys on the island; something she admitted to Josh in their confrontation last night.

The clear difference is that Georgia chose not to act upon this and in fact, she never shared a bed with any of the new boys. Instead, she has been sleeping outside with Dani. Georgia has defended her decision many times stating that even though she's attracted to the other boys she sees a future with Josh.

Even though it's painted as such, Georgia wasn't left completely in the dark.

Throughout the boys' time in Casa Amor, Georgia often voiced her doubts about Josh's loyalty, saying that she knows he will be getting off with one of the new girls. This reached new heights when the girls in the villa received a video by text showing them what some of the boys had been up to. Rather than convincing Georgia that she should start pursuing a relationship with the new boys in the Villa, they instead convinced her that Josh was being faithful and that she should pursue the relationship.

Is Josh really guilty?

Being dumped in a real-life situation is a painful and awkward situation for anyone to be put through, but when everyone is watching, it adds added pressure to the situation. It's also incredibly important to remember that "Love Island" is a scripted reality TV drama and producers create the situation. We saw this recently with the introduction of Jack's ex in an attempt to stir things up between Dani and Jack. It's also important to remember that although they had been seeing each other for three weeks on the island, they were not an official couple.

The Island works differently from the real world on many levels. The relationships are more intense as the Islanders are forced to spend every minute together. Relationships feel longer and a relationship that has only been going on for a few days can often feel like it's been going on for months. This is what often leads to the explosive reactions by the Islanders and the general public when someone is 'Pied off' (dumped). The reaction to Josh has been very explosive and often painted him as the villain.

As horrible as this situation is for Georgia, has Josh actually done anything wrong?

The premise of the show is to find love on the island and then be voted by the public to win £50,000. With this in mind, can we really blame Josh for going for someone more compatible? It would have been much worse for Georgia if she was led on just to win the money, then after leaving the island found out the whole relationship was a sham.

It's also important to remember that Josh is not the first or worst offender for this. Adam has been jumping from girl to girl all season, clearly playing a game to keep himself in the villa and give himself more screen time. Megan also jumped from man to man depending on which one she found attractive and dumped them when she got bored or someone better came along.

Most of the couples ended recoupling after Casa Amor but they don't face the same stigma as Josh. Josh has now become one of the most hated members of the island by the British public.

Josh, however, did what most of the couples did; he found a new partner after the boys and girls were separated but as an audience, we could see him torn by the decision as he didn't want to hurt Georgia. After the recoupling, he went to talk to Georgia about his decision and on tonight's episode, he again attempted to talk to Georgia more and tried to smooth over some of the awkwardness.

In all honesty, Josh has owned his decision, taking full responsibility but also defending his new relationship as he believes it will be more successful and for this, I don't believe he deserves the bad press he's getting.