The Brussels Summit is over. It could not have left a good taste in the mouth of many European leaders. Many of them expected Donald Trump to forsake his earlier views on NATO and continue as things were. Their hopes were dashed. Trump not only asked the NATO powers to pay more for their defense but also commented that for too long the US had been spending billions of dollars to subsidize EU security. In other words, he made it clear that the status quo could not continue. He particularly singled out Germany for harsh words and said it was a "captive of Russia" as it was dependent on Russian gas.

This news was highlighted by CNN.

Trump and NATO

The Brussels summit may, in the long run, turn out to be a meet of great historical importance. It was the first time after seven decades that a US president told the EU leaders that the buck stops here. This is with reference to their contribution towards the consolidated fund for expenditure incurred by NATO. The EU powers were dragging their feet but now Trump has made it clear that there is no escape from paying up.

BCC has reported that a lame defense was given by the German leader but overall nobody contested Trump. It seems most of them agreed with him, mainly as there was no choice given by Trump. Before his election, Trump had referred to NATO as "obsolete".

Though he changed his views later the fact is, this would have remained at the back of his mind.

Different path

Trump is charting a different path from the earlier presidents. In fact, He has made a turn in US policy after almost 70 years. Trump has repeatedly stressed that he will do whatever it takes to make America " great".

In his view spending, billions of US taxpayers money to shore up EU security is unacceptable. He has drawn a red line and laid down a roadmap that EU powers that got by through living off us dollars, must contribute their share.

There is nothing wrong with what Trump has said. The New York Times has reported that many people in the US support Trump on this matter.

The EU powers have not helped their cause by opposing US policy on Iran and shifting of Capital of Israel to Jerusalem. It is inconceivable to think that EU powers expect the US to continue to bankroll their defense and yet oppose one of the main points of US policy in the Middle East.

Last word

NATO was formed when the Soviet Union was a great threat but in the present scenario, a similar threat from Russia does not exist. Trump has expressed his admiration for Putin and with Russian connection rumors becoming old news and almost dead as the Dodo, a different Trump will be seen.