SNOWFLAKES have recently illustrated that critical thinking in universities have reached a new low by claiming that Scrooge was Greedy and exploited people to gain wealth at the expense of the poor. The notion is absurd, he merely worked very hard for his money and shouldn’t have to give it to others who don’t work as hard as Mr Scrooge.

This comes shortly after lefty; snowflake students have decided that Frankenstein’s monster was in fact a victim of an abusive father figure! This increase in SNOWFLAKERY will see the END of civil society as we know it!

Snowflakery REVEALED

The staggering notion that Ebenezer Scrooge was greedy and exploited his clerk, Bob Cratchit, is completely ridiculous. Cratchit should be overjoyed that Mr Scrooge gave him an opportunity to work at all, especially as he in the end forced the ever-generous Scrooge to allow him paid holiday on Christmas Day. Typical socialist, communist, Marxist thinking, getting something for nothing. This kind of thinking is ruining society.

The story itself says that he gave him pay to conform to social norms, which is much like the snowflakes of today, who demand things like a ‘living wage’ or ‘affordable housing’. They should be pleased with what they got or work harder to create more wealth.

This millennial generation are entitled and lazy, nothing like the good old days where if you were poor, you’d get sick and then you would die. Everyone knew their place.

The students claim that A Christmas Carol is about how Scrooge transformed from a selfish, greedy individual to someone with greater emotional depth, someone who had a deep sense of regret for lost opportunities.

Poppycock! The man had incredible emotional depth beforehand, by giving Cratchit a job and paid holiday. He wasn’t underpaid, he just didn’t work hard enough to accumulate wealth himself because he was a lazy liberal.

Lefty whinge bags should appreciate Scrooge as a man who hated Christmas, all that consumer nonsense of claiming that corporations use the time of year to boost profits for shareholders, Scrooge was against Christmas!

This blatant lefty, liberal, PC agenda is causing significant divides within society and this kind of snowflake behaviour needs to be stopped by any means necessary. Otherwise we will end up like one of those Muslamic countries, like Canada or Venezuela.

Saint Scrooge?

Ebenezer Scrooge’s character was a successful businessman who contributed great deals of wealth to society and he could only do so, once he had accumulated it himself. Otherwise, the money would have just gone to waste on poor, lazy people. Furthermore, he provided employment for others and even paid him Christmas pay when he didn’t have to do so, this is clear evidence that Scrooge was a generous person who not only created wealth but gave it away to others for very little in return.