WHITE SUPREMACY is ingrained into cultural ideals and the public psyche. The far-right and right wing tend to win more elections and gain prominence for longer periods due to nationalistic rhetoric. In Britain, the historical violence against anyone who wasn’t Aryan is largely suppressed and hidden from the public due to the horrific truth of violence and oppression against entire populations based on their skin colour and origin of birth.

The British Empire was built on those very beliefs that the Aryan race was superior and civilised compared to ‘newly discovered’ lands.

This is apparent in the very nature of claiming superiority for ‘discovering’ others’ cultural heritage and great technical advances with no recognition of indigenous populations who cultivated them.

Modern day attitudes

The idea of racial superiority is inherently ingrained in the British psyche and society, with racial focused political parties using different rhetoric to push the same ideals that fuelled the British Empire. Not every Briton is racist and there are plenty who pursue an active anti-racist ideology. But when you examine the passive enablers of British colonial and Nazi ideology, there is a distinct use of language and rhetoric unwittingly repeated by many regular people who may or may not be educated and could be left or right wing on the spectrum.

Firstly, the idea of bombing or invading another country is often seen as a positive idea by many the public. Putting this into perspective, when a terrorist attacks Britain and kills children, there are many calls to bring down the organisation behind the terrorist attack and even a knee-jerk reaction in blaming Muslims, even if they have nothing to do with an incident.

There is of course a need to deal with such issues, but a military reaction would be ridiculous. Yet, when MPs speak of bombing or invading another country under the guise of liberation, the killing of innocent people is disregarded entirely. This could be put down to two different aspects, one, they are far away and out of sight, therefore, its easier to pretend that it doesn’t happen.

Two, it is down to the very essence of growing up being spoon-fed colonial lies through the teaching of history and this has ingrained a sense of superiority that is associated with race.

Secondly, when Adolf Hitler first decided to join the Workers Party, it was 3-4 men meeting in a pub, but from it blossomed his idea of creating the National Socialist Party or Nazi. Furthermore, during his time in prison, he penned the first part of Mein Kampf and spoke of needing to create a new party ideology to successfully combat the mainstream socialist and conservative ideologies. This is where he took inspiration from Mussolini’s authoritarian regime and his own belief that it should be based on the ideas of a strong leader.

But he also took his resentment for anything different to the Aryan stock and failures by successive governments to propel the Weimar Republic into an empire. Thus, this created a Nationalistic Racialist political party.

Since those days, racism, prejudices of any kind have been frowned upon, but in this modern day, the term ‘racialist’ has been replaced with ‘cultural’. Every party who seeks to whip up nationalist sentiment speaks the same as Hitler spoke in Mein Kampf when he talked of ‘racial identity’ but use the term ‘cultural identity’ instead. If you begin to look at the similarities, there are more nationalistic ideas that crop up about workers and the how labour forces are paid very little for their hard work, then if you replace the word ‘Jew’ with ‘Muslim’, they are almost the same (he was a fan of the German word for ‘tremendous’).

The idea of racial superiority is taught everywhere from a young and that sentiment is slowly changing with the next few generations more likely to break out of that cycle due to the availability of information. However, there is still a long way to go and its going to take further analysis to fully comprehend the similarities.