Max Mosley, a man who from his own lips said, 'There is nothing I regret saying,' at his trial in 2008, is now embroiled in another piece of history, this time, something from way back in the 1960's, a series of questionable remarks made in a highly offensive pamphlet supporting a candidate of his father's party in 1961. It also brings to light that he may have perjured himself at the trial, but that is hardly going to worry the Knightsbridge resident who made his substantial fortune from his dealings in Formula One racing. And anyway, why are we remotely surprised by his views, when you are brought up by two of the biggest racists in the game?


The sixth baronet of Ancoats, Oswald, Ernald Mosley, was about a slippery a fish as could be caught on the end of a line. A man who rose to infamy in the 1930's as leader of the British Union of Fascists, an organisation hell-bent on replicating the Nirvana of late 1930's Germany here in Britain. Oswald was an out an out fascist who whipped up mainly anti-jewish sentiment, culminating in the famous East-End of London fight, the Battle of Cable Street in October 1936, where black-shirts, led by Mosley fought against Jews and Jewish supporters with the letting of much blood. He was subsequently jailed in 1940, and on release spent most of the remainder of his life in France.


Ah, the delightfully fragrant Diana, one of the Mitford sisters, each one and all, worshippers at the feet of der Fuhrer, who married Oswald, at the home of Joseph Goebbels, with Hitler as the guest of honour.

Her hatred of Jews was perhaps even deeper than her husband's, although she appeared to loathe anyone of any skin other than that of the purest white. Imprisoned like her husband during the war she followed him into exile in France after it ended.

The Labour Party have been dragged into this deepening mele as Tom Watson (Jeremy Corbyn's deputy) received a £540,000 donation from Mr Mosley, the dictate on how to spend it unclear.

Watson has also expressed his 'Friend,' in the most favourable terms; which means that however tainted, he is not giving the money back anytime soon.

The United Kingdom, and especially London, has always been a haven for the oppressed. Catholics, Protestants, and any persecuted religion you care to mention, and certainly in the 1930's Jews were targeted because they were the most visible of those groups.

Remember that this was a time when Muslims were few and we had yet to have either the influx of or Afro-Caribbean that began in the late 50's or the influx from all the former British Colonies ever since. Even with the toxic threat of Brexit, long may we continue to have those values, no matter the negativity surrounding us!