Have you ever tried to do something, but you didn't have enough self-Motivation? Did you want to lose some weight, learn new skills or change your habits? Why did you fail? Let me guess. At the beginning your enthusiasm was big, but over time was getting lower and lower, and then at the end vanished. Maybe you thought that your plan of changing yourself was wrong, but claim your problems were somewhere else's fault. My story can help you understand why. I always have a problem with my motivation and it used to annoy me greatly. Could you imagine anything worse than a brilliant idea which would be lost because of the lack of inspiration?

So I began working on it and created five rules which are the most helpful for keeping my self-motivation on the right level. I think they are quite universal, so I'd like to share with you and hope they will be helpful for you too. Keep in mind all of them are equally important.

1. The right goal

In my opinion, having the wrong goals was my biggest mistake. I didn't want to look fitter, but I wanted to lose 5 kilograms. I didn't want to learn how to control lights in my room using my own program, but I wanted to learn to programme in C. Do you see the difference? It helps a lot when you have a forward-looking goal. The question "why?" is so important. At university, I've heard many times something like "I have to learn a lot to pass this exam." I don't agree.

You have to learn much to be a specialist in what you are studying.

2. Create a plan, but not strict

It's good to have a plan and almost everyone knows about it, but I realised a strict plan doesn't work well. If you learn any hard skills, instead of assuming it must take 1-hour to achieve, try to every day do something connected with it.

One day more, one day less, but everyday something. Believe me, it is enough. If you have a strict plan, you can feel sad when you won't be able to do what you expected to do. It lowers your motivation and self-confidence far too quickly.

3. Do not try to achieve your goal in one day

Ambitious goals need time. You must understand this.

It's not a really Good Idea spending many hours during one day to learn to programme, you forget what you learned quickly and it makes you annoyed.

4. Try to have as much fun as you can

Having fun is always desired. It's a very powerful way to attain your motivation. If you do exercises, try to at least have some fun. If you programme, write silly programs. If you want to change your habits, try to think out a funny story why. Your aim is a pleasure then.

5. Tell your close friends, what you've already achieved

You shouldn't do it every day, but sometimes it's a good idea. People usually give you a praise and encouragement to further effort.

I hope you'll achieve all your goals!