Is anyone surprised by secret admissions from Twitter employees that the Social media site monitors, silences and deletes conservative, pro-Trump and Republican accounts? It is doubtful. As former Twitter content review agent Mo Norai admitted on a recording to undercover journalists, over ninety per cent of the social media site's employees detest the US President.

"Social media is now the enemy of free speech"

What is shocking about the revelations made by Twitter employees and captured by pro-conservative activist group Project Veritas, is that the social media site is failing in its duty to become a guardian for free speech.

People of all political colours use social media to vent their anger and frustration at politics. We are meant to be living in a democratic world, so why can people not write what they want without fear of it being monitored and policed by Twitter workers? These secret recordings prove social media is now the enemy of free speech.

Twitter is now engaging in a war against those with centre-right views. They have already proudly boasted that they closed Donald Trump's Twitter account for a day, but what's worse is that they are actively discouraging anyone who supports the Republican Party and the US President from tweeting regularly.

Twitter's Policy Manager, Olinda Hassan, created a new set of rules for the social media site which will allow them to clamp down on hate speech.

Every social media site has a duty to safeguard individuals from hate speech- no one deserves to be bullied for their background online. But this has become a slippery slope to erase right-wing tweets. They are also introducing another strategy called 'machine learning', which will enable them to police the way people talk if they find their political tweets unacceptable.

One Twitter engineer confessed the US Government is working in collaboration with the social media site to close the President's account and to target certain celebrities. If this is true, then it will only add a stain to people's perception of Congress, which has sunk to an all-time low of sixteen per cent on a poll Gallup commissioned last year.

Project Veritas deserves enormous credit for uncovering this footage and revealing to the world what Twitter's real game is. It is only a pity the mainstream media won't pick up on this story. Then again, it probably doesn't suit their narrative considering how anti-Trump they are.