The 2010s- how will you remember them in years to come? Will you remember the music this decade brought you? Will you remember it for the films? It is safe to say this will be remembered as the decade liberals murdered free speech. And which tool have they used to achieve this goal? Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, who are also operated by liberals.

The original purpose behind social media was wonderful. In the Western world, the numbers of people using social media are growing. In 2017, eighty-one per cent of Americans had a Twitter or Facebook profile.

In the UK, the active number of monthly social media users is likely to reach 42.88 million by 2022. Social media is not disappearing any time soon. During last year's general election, the Conservative Party was criticised for not using it as actively as Labour did, and still do.

"It has become a platform for liberals to regulate free speech"

Social media connects people in ways that never seemed possible before. Sadly, it has become a platform for liberals to regulate free speech. Whilst it is a great source for journalism, anything that is posted online can be blown out of context. With Twitter actively monitoring pro-Trump and Republican accounts whilst allowing liberal tweets to remain online, social media sites are discriminating against conservatives.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Twitter aided Jeremy Corbyn during the 2017 General Election and how Facebook helped the Scottish National Party achieve victory in the 2015 General Election. It is not social media's place to interfere in politics. Because of their hate campaign against conservatives, they are making it unsafe for the centre-right to air their views online.

Conservatives are the new targets of discrimination.

It is sad the Western world has reached a stage where anyone can be labelled 'homophobic', 'racist' or 'sexist' for something they posted online. It is not safe to criticise anyone anymore without offending another person's feelings. Voltaire once wrote: 'I detest what you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.' Millennials and Generation Z have grown up in schools and attended universities where you are targeted for being pro-Brexit, pro-Trump or a conservative.

Western institutions are no longer havens for free speech.

What a sad indictment of the modern world this article is. The 2010s have been the worst decade people have experienced in a long time. Free speech must be resurrected in the 2020s and the fightback must start now.