At the start of every year, one could be more wealthy if they placed a bet on whether the media will issue a headline about an 'NHS crisis.' This month already, thousands of operations have been cancelled. Theresa May has apologised for this outcome, even though she did not need to. With the media and the left screaming blood every time the health service reaches breaking point, the Prime Minister's remark was an attempt to appease them. But at least she took responsibility for it, which is more than can be said for her predecessors.

"The Conservatives' healthcare record is better than Labour's"

Even though the previous article argued the NHS model should be scrapped, the Conservatives' healthcare record is better than Labour's. Health spending will increase by £8 billion over the next five years. £11.6 billion was spent on mental health in 2016/17. Seven thousand more people are receiving improved cancer treatment than they did in 2010.

However, Labour's record on the Welsh NHS is dreadful. My fiancee issued a Twitter feed describing her painful experience of witnessing her grandfather being neglected in a Welsh hospital before he died, which is demeaning of a dignified man. Worst of all, the nurses that looked after him did not care.

Last year, her grandmother had to wait four hours for an ambulance.

This abysmal management extends into local authorities too. Gemma Patient deserves credit for speaking out against the neglect a Labour-run authority has provided her poorly mother who is suffering from mental health problems. It is appalling to believe Gemma's mother was allowed to wander out her house at night and leave her front door open, even though Croydon Council's mental health team deem this as 'acceptable.' The Labour authority blame her neglect on government cuts, despite receiving adequate funding for their healthcare.

To claim that Labour are the 'party of the NHS' is a fabricated lie. Clement Attlee may have created it, but it is not the left's prized possession. It is not a sacred religion either. It is time to steal the left's thunder and adopt The Bow Group's solution to healthcare; allow an independent royal commission to manage it. If the Bank of England can have the same privilege, why can't our hospitals?