Three years ago, The Guardian published an article suggesting that the highest council tax rises happened under Conservative authorities. The figures, which were compiled by the House of Commons library, show the Tories ran eight out of ten authorities with some of the highest annual levy increases. That is despite the 2010 Conservative Party Manifesto saying that they will provide local councils with the autonomy to freeze this property tax and provide residents with a tax break.

The House of Commons library discovered that council tax increased by 537 per cent in the 1997-2010 period in the Conservative heartland of Huntingdonshire.

They also found that eight Labour authorities had some of the lowest council tax rates at 36 per cent.

"Wandsworth Council, controlled by the Tories, had the lowest council tax rates at 17 per cent"

However, Wandsworth Council, controlled by the Tories, had the lowest council tax rate in the country at 17 per cent. Other Conservative councils, like Wychavon and West Oxfordshire, also have some of the lowest annual property levies. Local authorities have the autonomy to increase or decrease council tax rates. It is not Westminster's place to dictate what every council should charge its residents. Nor does that mean councils should charge people whatever they desire, regardless of party affiliation.

Pembrokeshire County Council's proposed tax rises will damage families' finances at the worst time. Wales may be landed with a tourism tax likely to dissuade tourists from visiting that beautiful country. Pembrokeshire's independent councillors are in coalition with the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru, two parties that champion tax increases across Wales.

Welsh authorities desperately the Conservatives to rescue their residents from harsh tax rises that are being inflicted on them, both at a local and regional level.

"Councils do not have to increase taxes to deliver good services"

Since 2007, Hillingdon Conservatives have been freezing council tax. That freeze was lifted last year, except for those over the age of 65, who will be paying more tax in 2019.

Those households have been saving £900 a year since 2007. Yet Hillingdon Council has still been able to provide residents with a Library Rebuild and Refurbishment programme, investment in parks and open spaces, parking freezes and a new sports facility. This proves councils do not have to increase taxes to deliver good services, something Pembrokeshire County Council should learn.

The House of Commons library's report provided a useful study into how some Conservative authorities have raised council tax. Generally, the Conservative Party is the party of low taxation, and it is time that message was deployed effectively to win more support in Wales.