Eddy Barrow, the Chairman for Ashford Ukip, told Blasting News that the EU's intention from the very beginning was to create a federal superstate. Throughout the late 90s and 2000s, UKIP has been laughed off as a fringe movement and a bunch of paranoid Eurosceptics intent on isolating Britain's place in the world. David Cameron dismissed them as fruitcakes. Tony Blair tried to outwit Nigel Farage at a European Parliament debate in 2005.

"They were right about the EU from the very beginning"

The truth of the matter is, all Brexiteers, regardless of political convictions, owe UKIP a debt of gratitude.

They have brought Brexit to life to a greater extent than arch-Eurosceptics like John Redwood and Katie Hoey did in the Conservative and Labour parties respectively prior to the EU Referendum. They have achieved their ultimate goal. They were right about the EU from the very beginning. What's worse is that former Tory prime ministers Harold Macmillan and Ted Heath knew about Brussels' intentions and hid them from the British people.

Heath and Macmillan informed the British people that the EEC was central to their economic growth. In 1973, growth was at 7.4 per cent, a figure we have not witnessed at all this decade. The UK economy grew in the 80s and 90s because of reforms the then Conservative government enacted.

It had nothing to do with the EU. When Macmillan took office in 1959, growth stood at 6 per cent.

"Why did the UK need to join?"

Charles de Gaulle had the right idea from the very beginning, hence why he vetoed Macmillan's attempt to join the EEC. He said Britain had trade links, democratic institutions and cheap Commonwealth food the rest of Western Europe did not have access to, so why did the UK need to join?

Macmillan, Heath and their closest advisers wanted a global government of regional federations all this time. They both wanted Britain to prevent France and Germany from dominating the EEC. If they both saw what the EU has become now, history must teach us that they failed in their aim. France wanted West Germany to be part of the EU to ensure the former could monitor the latter.

But since German reunification in 1991, Germany has become the more powerful country in this alliance, proving France no longer benefits from EU membership.

For these reasons, UKIP has made this country proud by bringing the single issue of Brexit to life. They are not fruitcakes. They are heroes. They deserve as much recognition as the Anti-Corn Law League, which persuaded Peel to end the hated Corn Laws that held Britain back. The Corn Law Repeal Act 1846 made the UK the wealthiest country in the world. Leaving the EU will create the same outcome.