I'm an international student and I've been in the UK since August. Is it long or short time? It depends on the point of view. But I'm sure it is enough time to say: "It is worth Studying in the UK!". I've already met a lot of People not only British but also others internationals students and I always try to ask my new friend why she or he decided to Study and if he or she has been content so far. The answers are so exciting. And this article is created based on my and their opinions.

Studying is a great life experience!

I don't believe that someone can study without gaining experience.

If you decide to study, you'll meet many people who want to meet you as well. Of course, generally, you'll meet people during lectures but the most unforgettable meetings usually are out of the university.

I'm pretty sure everyone who decides to study makes a lot of new friends during preparing projects, helping each other or simply studying in the same department and they very often are people with different passion, skills and previous experience. These may be very worthy contacts in the future.

Now at my university, the first semester is finished and during this all (literally!) my lecturers said something like "When I was a student..." when we talked after/before the lecture. Each of their stories is curious, so if you know people who have already got a degree, ask them what their the most interesting story connected with the studying is.

You may be surprised what you hear.

The more you learn, the more you earn!

It isn't a mystery that if you have better qualifications, you can get a better job and earn more money. Studying in the UK is paid, so it is good to look at an expected salary which you're going to have after getting your degree. After that, you can count when you should pay off your student loan completely.

People after finishing their degree usually get a salary of over 25 000 pounds per year. But really important is the choice of a course which you really like. If you choose a course only for money, you'll probably change it quickly or you'll never be happy going to the work. Even if you choose a right course, avoid procrastination.

It may make your grades worst than you think.

The UK is a good place to study

One of the important things is how much your environment supports you when you are a student. There is a wide range of courses, so everyone finds something interesting. You can link art and information technology for example if you like. You can go tp very famous universities like Oxford or Cambridge, but the rest are also good.

In the UK, a student has no more than 20 hours of lectures, practicals, and tutorials altogether. So you can work in your free time, even at the university (especially if you are a good student). You should check a special discount for students as well. You can save a lot of money. I highly recommend choosing a course with the year placement which helps you gain a practical experience and meet potential future employers.

I think it is a very good system of education.

I hope all of these bits of information will help you make a right decision - study or not study?

But remember the essential information about studying: The most important one is having fun!