The EU is an undemocratic quagmire that is not accountable to the taxpayers responsible for funding this failing organisation, and nowhere is that more apparent than with the environment. As Guido Fawkes' and Blasting News' investigations into the grants animal charities receive revealed, they are funded with substantial amounts of Brussels' cash. Nations like New Zealand and India have been quick to prevent NGOs from avoiding scrutiny. The former has refused to provide Greenpeace with charitable status. The latter argues NGOs oppose developmental projects designed to improve the Indian environment.

This process encourages environmental destruction

Owen Paterson refers to organisations like RSPB and WWF as a Green Blob that bypasses the democratic process, alongside journalists and civil servants, because they lobby the European Parliament to implement legislation MEPs already want to introduce. This means there is no effective scrutiny of their proposals. Considering the amount of environmental crime the EU is guilty of, it is apparent this process encourages, not prohibits, environmental destruction.

One benefit of leaving the EU is that the UK will regain control of its borders. Since becoming a member of this trading bloc, Brussels has allowed 80 million British ash trees to be put at risk.

Free movement has allowed dangerous meats containing Ebola and the bubonic plague to enter this country unchecked, putting millions of people at risk. There are no biosecurity checks on these goods like there are in Australia and New Zealand.

This would cause more environmental devastation than remaining in the EU

If the free movement of people does not end, the UK population is likely to reach 71 million people by 2030.

A new house would have to be constructed every six minutes for the next 25 years, resulting in the destruction of 400,000 hectares of land. This would cause more environmental devastation than remaining in the EU.

By working with Kenya as an independent actor, Britain played a significant role in reducing elephant poaching there by 35 per cent.

The UK organised the London Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade with no input from Brussels. That proves this country does not need the EU's help in tackling wildlife crime and a large trading bloc of 28 nations does not have the uniformity to agree on how to stop this issue.

The evidence speaks for itself; remaining in the EU is destroying our environment. This organisation is guilty of environmental crime and only by leaving it can the UK stop the countryside's annihilation.