A lot of parties in British Politics have that one issue that seems to divide them the most. Since the 1980s, the Conservatives have been at war with each other over the EU; Labour has always bickered over Trident and, more recently, Brexit. Many of them also have values which unite them. For the Tories, it is wealth creation. Labour unites around social justice. The Liberal Democrats dream of a "Europe of regions" in a federal EU. The Scottish National Party (SNP) is committed to achieving Scottish independence.

"The mainstream media are failing to report on it"

However, the SNP still face the same problem as the Conservatives and Labour; they have an issue that divides them, and that is when Scottish independence will happen. As Tommy Shepherd MP's remarks, as reported by The Scotsman newspaper, demonstrate, scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has lost complete control of her party. The mainstream media are failing to report on it. Instead they are too busy concentrating on Tory divisions over Brexit.

It appears nobody in the SNP is pursuing the line on independence issued by Ms Sturgeon and this has been happening for a while. When asked to appear on LBC Radio the day after losing his Gordon seat, former SNP leader Alex Salmond hinted Scottish independence might not happen at all in the near future.

That is despite the First Minister saying the timetable for independence will be reset following her embarrassing result at this year's general election. More recently, he has gone out of his way to embarrass her by appearing on a Russian television show and has become a "useful Russian idiot", as The Spectator claimed.

"It begs the question as to what the SNP's policy on independence is"

Prior to the 2017 General Election, Ms Sturgeon has always maintained a second vote would happen once the final Brexit deal has been decided. Her party was elected last year on a manifesto pledge to hold another referendum if Scotland is pulled out of the EU against its will.

But Mr. Salmond is not the only one who has contradicted his leader. Tommy Shepherd MP said the SNP will issue an independence referendum if Holyrood and Westminster cannot agree on the best way to leave the EU. It begs the question as to what the SNP's policy on independence is, because no Nationalist seems to know what it is.

The SNP is relentless in its attacks on the Tories for their failure to deliver Brexit properly. If the SNP cannot agree on their final aim now, it makes one wonder how they would deliver independence if Scotland leaves the UK. With no guarantee from the EU that they would be allowed to rejoin the trading bloc after ceding from Britain, their negotiations with Brussels on rejoining might make Mr.

Davis' talks with Mr. Barnier look (to coin a phrase) strong and stable, especially if Spain and Belgium veto Scotland's membership application. So who are the SNP to talk when it comes to accusing the Tories of chaos when they are completely disunited on their own dream?