The team on Downing Street are always talking about how finances are tight and they have to delicately move the money around and raise taxes a certain amount so they can do such and such and cutting back on public sector jobs to resolve whatever budgeting issue. So, why do they allow so much leeway on the expenses that Mps claim back? The House Of Lords contains like six hundred people who are all paid a decent and generous salary by the tax payers that never seems to change when Parliament announces budget cuts it just has to make, and on top of that, they're claiming back expenses.

A report shows that some MPs are claiming back up to £400,000 every year on expenses. So, while Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party are aching to take away school lunches from starving, underprivileged children in struggling families, they are taking hundreds of thousands of pounds out of our pockets to pay for the most expensive steak dinners and the most expensive wines at the fanciest restaurants in London. It's morally deplorable.

£400,000 expenses for 600 MPs means £240 million down the drain

MPs are getting this £400,000 on top of their salaries too, so even before their salaries are taken into account, that's a potential total of £240 million in tax money that's going right down the drain so that the MPs in The House of Lords (who some could argue we could do without altogether) can maintain a champagne country's lifestyle while they run a beer country.