The Labour-run group managing the London borough of Lambeth are utterly failing their electorate. The majority of voters do not have a problem with councillors earning a salary for their work. Being a local councillor is an enormous privilege for anyone who chooses this profession. But local government must be reformed to ensure cabinet members' allowances are linked to performance.

The worst outcome for any political party is that the majority of their electorate ousts them from office. Yet that does not mean executive members should not have their performance monitored prior to an election.

There is no incentive, apart from getting re-elected, for cabinet councillors to produce results. In areas like Lambeth, where the Labour Party rule this borough like a one-party state, their councillors know that regardless of what they do, they will always win.

Labour's record in this London borough is atrocious

Labour's record in this London borough is atrocious. The cost of reconstructing the Town Hall has exceeded its £68 million budget. It is now expected to cost £104 million. Last week, Councillor Tim Briggs, Leader of the Lambeth Conservative Group, accused Lambeth Council of "social cleansing" in relation to its housing policy, which will see the London council deploy discretionary powers to prevent residents from becoming homeless.

The People's Audit criticised the "smear and secrecy" emerging from Lambeth Council and according to this organisation, it is clear they have been wasting money.

Labour is doing Lambeth an injustice

That is why Labour is doing Lambeth an injustice when you consider how much cabinet members are claiming at their residents' expense.

Councillor Lib Peck, the Leader of Lambeth Council, earns an annual salary of £40,617. This is a staggering amount when you consider this is how much her ordinary members' allowance and special responsibility allowance are worth combined. The rest of the council's cabinet members earn a combined salary of £28,518. Regarding Labour's dreadful performance in Lambeth, these allowances must be scrutinised and these senior councillors do not deserve such generous allowances.

Local government reform is unlikely to review cabinet members' allowances before the 2018 local elections, but Lambeth residents have the opportunity to remove this incompetent party that year and let us hope they do.