The EU Referendum last year divided many families, including my own. Last year, I spoke to one family member who voted to remain in the trading bloc at the time Gina Miller was taking the Government to court over its claims it can trigger Article 50 without parliamentary consent. They saw right through Ms Miller's tactics. They may not have wanted Brexit, but the actions of staunch Remainers like Blair, Ken Clarke and Alastair Campbell have only turned many people who voted to remain last June against the European project. A recent YouGov survey showed 68 per cent of respondents wanted the UK to fully leave the trading bloc.

Her actions are not helping anybody

Ms Miller is helping nobody. She is nothing more than a failed businesswoman seeking attention from the mainstream media, and they are providing her with the oxygen she wants. The fact that support for Brexit has only increased since the referendum proves her actions are having a reverse effect. Of course, she has a constitutional right to sue the Government over its claims it can trigger Article 50 without parliamentary consent. Britain has an unwritten constitution and its actions are guided by conventions and texts written by the likes of Edward Dicey, but the UK has never left an organisation like the European Union. There is no written element of the British constitution that suggests the government of the day can leave the EU without parliamentary consent.

The irony is, by taking the Government to court, she only legitimised Brexit further.

However, it is not just her persistence in delaying Brexit that are disrupting the Government's negotiations, but her recent contradictions over the process of leaving the EU too. The anti-Brexit campaigner spoke out against Theresa May's threat of "no deal" and trading on WTO rules, suggesting it would be a disaster.

This demonstrates her sheer ignorance of international trade as the EU trades on WTO rules. The USA and China also trade with the trading bloc on the same rules and their economies are not harmed.

Just go away

But earlier in the month, she said the EU had a stubborn stance, yet that was the Prime Minister's fault. Ms Miller said the Government sent Brussels mixed signals.

Yet the latter is completely innocent in her eyes, despite the fact they have purposefully designed the talks to fail by pushing forward Ireland without deciding what the future trading relationship will look like. She blames the Government for triggering Article 50 without a plan, even though she encouraged the Government to vote for it in Parliament. She is the only one without a plan and an optimistic vision for Britain.

Ms Miller, do all Brits a favour, and just go away.