Since the EU Referendum last year, Labour has struggled to mold a consistent position on Brexit since. Earlier this week, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said on ITV's Peston on Sunday he would consider restructuring the Single Market and eradicating the original four freedoms, whilst flirting with the idea of a second referendum. Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer and London Mayor Sadiq Khan have both pushed for the latter option. Jeremy Corbyn has refused to rule that possibility out. These contradictions prove this party has been robbed of one its core values, which is European cooperation.

If they were negotiating Brexit, Brussels would have torn them apart

It is a miracle Labour never won this year's general election. They have since reneged on their manifesto promise to pull Britain out of the Single Market and the Customs Union. If they were negotiating Brexit, Brussels would have torn them apart. Mr. Corbyn would have revealed his strategy before he even met with EU officials. Whilst there are many who still doubt Theresa May will walk away, it is certain the Labour Leader would not. He has contradicted himself on this issue numerous times that no one can trust what he says on this process.

Among all these different options Labour has flirted with, not once have they said if the discussions collapsed, they would walk away and trade on WTO rules.

It is embarrassing Labour Leave Chairman, John Mills, had to call them out on it at their conference yesterday. Not one senior Labour politician has suggested this idea. The majority of them believe Britain cannot function without the EU. They have little faith in this country. By attempting to retain the UK's EU membership by the backdoor, they have betrayed Brexit Britain without even coming to power.

He is not a principled politician

Labour should have torn the Tories apart over Cameron's failure to prepare for a "no deal" outcome. The fact they haven't shows how weak the opposition is. It is no wonder the former PM was so confident he could get away without preparing the Civil Service for Brexit; no one was holding him to account.

Because Mr. Corbyn has not even mentioned trading on WTO rules proves he would have made the same mistake. Not only does the Labour Leader want to destroy this country with his socialist utopia, but by trapping the UK in a trading bloc that will prohibit its ability to trade and prosper with the rest of the globe.

He may have a history of opposing EU integration, but when the moment to leave the trading bloc came, Mr. Corbyn bottled it. He is not a principled politician. He has failed this country without even getting elected.