George Soros, the Hungarian-American business magnate, told the Davos World Economic Forum that Theresa May will not remain in government long due to the lack of a coherent Brexit strategy before stating that president-elect Donald Trump is a "would-be-dictator".

A 'would-be-dictator'

On the day before Trump's inauguration, Soros delivered a devastating critique of the president-elect. "This man is both an impostor and a con-man" that is attempting to start a "trade war with far-reaching effects across the globe." Soros continued: "the would-be dictator [Donald Trump] didn't expect to win the election ...

you could tell by his facial expression that he was surprised that he won. I have confidence that he will fail, his ideas are inherently contradictory".

Soros on May

George Soros didn't speak too kindly of British prime minister, Theresa May and her lack of Brexit strategy. "In my honest opinion, the prime minister of Britain isn't going to remain in power for too much longer. After mere months in power, she has a divided cabinet and a very small majority in parliament. She won't last. Currently, Brexit voters are in denial about the consequences of their decision to leave the European Union. As sterling depreciates, living standards will decline as a direct consequence of Brexit".

Soros wasn't too optimistic about May's two-year predicted time-frame to leave the EU.

"Brexit will take a long time. It's much harder to get divorced than it is to get married, so I think the desire for rapprochement will begin to develop". When asked about the future of the European Union, Soros offered a bleak outlook on its future. "Anti-European sentiment is growing across Europe and it will continue to gather momentum in 2017".

Prime minister Theresa May spoke earlier at the conference, stating that Britain voted with determination and resolve to leave the European Union. "We are going through a period of momentous change in Britain. We have to accept the road ahead will be uncertain but we have to believe that it will lead to a brighter future for the UK".