Love him or hate him, Boris Johnson has just provided the British people with a bold and brilliant vision for a post-Brexit Britain. Since he started his journalism career, he has adopted different postures on this country's EU membership. In the early 1990s, he reported that Brussels dictates the size of bananas and almost backed the Stronger In campaign last year. Either way, his journey to supporting the UK's EU withdrawal has been a long and complicated one.

His 10-point plan which he outlined in The Daily Telegraph provides a clear outline of what he wants the Government to achieve once Brexit becomes a reality.

Many of his colleagues have accused him of directly challenging the Prime Minister and others have said he is taking a back-seat. But it is about time someone in the Cabinet provided an idea of what the Conservatives want to achieve in the future.

His aims are consistent with what most Vote Leave campaigners told voters would happen should they opt for Brexit. Considering the Government has been attacked for not immediately funding the NHS with an extra £350 million a week, Mr. Johnson has brought that pledge back to life. Whether you believe the health service deserves that additional cash, the Foreign Secretary deserves credit for prioritising that promise.

Mr. Johnson intends to implement a sensible immigration system

He has stressed the UK will not remain a member of the Single Market, a possibility that should not even have been considered after June 23rd last year. Mr. Johnson intends to implement a sensible immigration system, implying he wants to introduce a skills-based immigration system, another crucial Vote Leave aim.

Mr. Johnson's plans to reform the tax system could see the UK mimic Singapore's low tax, low regulation economy. This would ensure Britain becomes an attractive place to do business. Like Singapore, this country would become a champion of free trade and have close links with Commonwealth nations, thereby making Brexit a success if the former Mayor of London's vision is implemented by the current Government.

He also intends to provide Britain with the infrastructure that will make it the most dynamic economy in Europe and invest in the UK's science industry to accelerate this sector's gene therapy research.

This is an outstanding plan

The only concerning part of his vision is placing a tax on foreign buyers in London. This is not the answer to solving the housing crisis and investors can still provide wealth and jobs to the nation's capital.

Regardless, this is an outstanding plan for this country and the rest of the Government would be wise to adopt it.