There is a time when every democratic world leader has to step up to the mark, after all, that was why they were elected in the first place. To calm the country when it is being threatened from without and most certainly, even more, to reassure and bolster its People when that threat is internal. In both cases, Donald trump has left the USA reeling!

North Korea

Just because we have heard nothing from the Korean Peninsula for a few Days, does not mean the threat has gone away. No, because of the silence it makes the whole thing more ominous and even more urgent.

The performance of two world leaders over the past few weeks has been disgraceful, to say the least, and Trump has only made the West's position more untenable by his quite frankly childish antics. Remember one thing, we are talking about peoples lives here - millions of them. China has openly said that it will come to the North's aid should the US strike, which no doubt would bring all the other nuclear powers a-calling. Whatever one may think of Kim he is no fool! Nuclear weapons make him strong, ok, they give him no bargaining power, yet he can bluster and bleat knowing that HE, not Trump deals the cards. Frankly, the world has seen that instead of diplomacy and statesmanship we have the rantings of a juvenile, who even countermands his own staff.

No, Donald, you are not Teddy Roosevelt, you cannot tread softly and wield a big stick, it really is far past that point. Act like a leader, and act now before it is far too late. And by the way, for goodness sake, keep your wife out of Cabinet meetings; sends all the wrong messages!


Ok, it's bad enough letting the world down, but failing to be aware of your own people's pain is unforgivable.

It did not take a psychological expert to see that in Virginia over the weekend, your own country badly needed leadership and a steady hand, and boy, did you let them down. Never mind that it was the far right groups that propelled you into the White House, violence is violence, wrong is wrong, and YOU more than anyone else should have stated that!

When he finally spoke up his grudging remarks about the KKK, Neo-Nazis and the Far-Right fell far short of the words needed to reassure his people. It is hard to forget that The Donald is one-dimensional, as transparent as glass, one only needed to see the look of utter contempt on his face for the media and the words he had just delivered, that if it ain't about him, damn, it don't mean a thing!

One can only hope that after six months on the job, many of the Republican Senators who stood blandly by while he won the nomination and then the Presidency are haunted by their inaction. This man-child will never grow into the leader that America, and indeed the world, so badly needs right now. So what will you do, remark behind closed doors, draw your enormous salaries and say nothing until the button is pushed? Ah, so this is how it ends then, with nothing but a whimper.