The world has not yet moved on from the announcement that Jodie Whittaker will be taking on the role of the iconic lead role, The Doctor, in BBC cult classic Doctor Who. To date, The Doctor has been played by twelve consecutive men since his first appearance in 1963, and there is some controversy amongst fans over whether this latest regeneration into a female is acceptable.

John Barrowman

John Barrowman, the ever popular Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and the hit spin off Torchwood, has shown his support for Ms Whittaker at San Diego Comic Con.

Dressed in a sparkling TARDIS dress, Barrowman delighted fans by comparing fan reaction to Jodie Whittaker being announced to when it was announced that David Tennant would replace the first Doctor in the Doctor Who reboot, Christopher Ecclestone. He described how some fans were upset that the new Doctor was so young, but everyone adjusted and he soon became a fan favourite. He went on to discuss how there is no reason the character could not regenerate into a woman, as within the world it is perfectly possible, and if you buy into the world of Doctor Who you have to buy into all the laws that make that world function.

Fan reactions

For many fans, this was a fun way of showing support, and quite classic for known showman Barrowman.

While reactions of positivity and love, both for his choice of outfit and the message he sent out during his talk, flowed in, there was also a number of people who were less impressed with his performance, many stating that putting on a dress is a transphobic move.

It is felt that because John Barrowman is a man he shouldn't wear traditionally female clothes as that is what trans women are accused of doing. Barrowman, however, is not a fan of gender stereotypes and would likely state that he's not wearing a girl's dress - he's just wearing a dress.

As people are celebrating Barrowman's choice and laughing along at his flamboyant nature, for some it is seen as making a joke out of a trans identity.

Fans and the female Doctor

There is still a great deal of animosity about the introduction of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor, many male fans calling for a show boycott until the BBC reinstates a male lead, and with former Doctor Who actor Peter Davison stating it is a disappointment due to taking away a role model for boys.

However, the overwhelming reaction has been one of support and positivity. Barrowman is one in a line of celebrities and fans to discuss not only why it is a legitimate possibility within the Doctor Who universe, but also a positive choice, and many who have never watched the show have pledged to start when Ms Whittaker takes over the reigns later in 2017.