It was a low point during the EU Referendum last year when Bob Geldof and his ship full of pro-Remain supporters intimidated Nigel Farage's boat full of pro-Brexit fishermen. However, it encapsulated what the battle between both campaigns was; a fight between the established order and the people.

Mr. Geldof demonstrated in 2016 that scores of celebrities failed to comprehend the daily challenges of ordinary workers who struggle to make a living. Fishermen have been placed at a disadvantage for decades thanks to EU legislation. The 1964 Fisheries Convention, which Britain signed up to, along with a series of other measures like the Common Fisheries Policy, have hindered the UK's fishing industry for decades.

'The EU does not understand why fishermen are struggling.'

The 1990 Factortame Case, which was not exploited by Vote Leave during the EU Referendum, serves as an example of Brussels' interference. Prior to 1990, successive British governments banned Spanish fishermen from exploiting UK waters. Yet the European Court of Justice decided that year to overturn the ban. It is understandable why fishermen believe the EU does not understand why they are struggling and voted to leave the trading bloc in overwhelming numbers last year.

Despite 52 per cent of participating electors voting to leave the EU, Mr. Geldof learnt no lessons. He continued to snub Brexiteers at a concert he held not long after the result.

But despite his protestations, it turns out our fishermen will have the last laugh.

'Brexit provides our fishermen with numerous opportunities.'

Brexit provides our fishermen with numerous opportunities. Firstly, the UK Government will be able to restore its ban on Spanish fishermen entering British waters. Britain will no longer have to abide by the hated Common Fisheries Policy, which imposes unfair fishing quotas on member states.

The fishing industry has welcomed Michael Gove's decision to pull the UK out of the 1964 Fisheries Convention, which enables European fishermen to fish in the British coast, which is 6-12 miles from their own waters.

At a Vote Leave event in Oxford in May 2016, John Major's former Scotland secretary, Michael Forsyth, recalled how fishing ports thrived prior to the Heath government's choice to join the Common Market.

The fishing industry has not witnessed such golden days since. Mr. Forsyth admitted he voted to remain a member of the European Community in 1975, but campaigned for Brexit last year because EU measures like the CFP destroyed Scotland's ports. There will be no excuse for that after the UK leaves the trading bloc in April 2019.

It was embarrassing to see passionate fishermen being bullied by a wealthy celebrity last year. But ultimately, our fishing ports will thrive and Mr. Geldof will become a figure of the past, if he isn't viewed as one already.