Many Conservatives fell out of love with Michael Gove last year, after he stabbed Boris Johnson in the back during the latter's campaign to become the next Tory leader. Mr. Gove, rightly, lost his job as Justice Secretary when Theresa May took over from David Cameron as Prime Minister. She urged the former justice secretary to 'go away and learn some loyalty.'

It is fair to say that he did that. After losing his position last July, Mr. Gove appeared on programmes like The Andrew Marr Show pledging his support for Mrs May. But after he went to interview Donald Trump at Trump Tower prior to the current President's inauguration, the Prime Minister was smart enough to realise that he was still capable of causing trouble for her Conservative administration.

Equally, she was wise enough to provide him with a Cabinet position following her disastrous election campaign, for she was much more vulnerable to her potential enemies under a minority government.

'He is a formidable politician.'

However, regardless of whether one believes Mrs May was right to bring Mr. Gove back into the Cabinet as Environment Secretary, he is already proving why the Prime Minister was right to select him for the position. He is a formidable politician who is not afraid to make tough decisions.

Mr. Gove proved this when he pulled Britain out of the 1964 Fishery Convention, a decision that will benefit hundreds of fishermen for years to come. He has already sparked outrage across neighbouring EU states, including Ireland, France and the Netherlands.

Many politicians and fishermen from these nations fear that their own industries will be badly damaged by the Environment Secretary's action. Despite this, since the 1990 Factortame Case, which overturned the UK Government's ban on Spanish fishermen entering British waters, our own fishermen have been placed at a huge disadvantage for decades.

'He would have made an outstanding leader.'

This is why, had the former education secretary not publicly suggested he would never run for prime minister and then changed his mind, he would have made an outstanding leader with the sort of mettle not witnessed since the Thatcher years. Pleas from EU member states have not hindered Mr.

Gove's convictions. It is this sort of bold leadership our politicians need to demonstrate as Britain prepares for Brexit.

His record as education secretary is impeccable. This is the man who has improved school standards and made himself so unpopular with teachers, as a result of the brave measures he took to change our education system for the better.

Bravo, Mr. Gove, keep up the good work. It is fair to say you have redeemed yourself since last year.