Theresa May’s response has been lacklustre since the disaster, she failed to meet victims in the immediate aftermath, citing security concerns. However, Jeremy Corbyn, the Queen and Kate and Prince William all made visits. However, May has now finally met those affected by the Grenfell House fire and it has been reported that she “welled-up”, whether this is true and if she did show emotion, you must question why she was adamant to continue austerity before the election?

After the general election the general election, she announced that ‘austerity was over’, whether this will be true is to be confirmed but then again how long this government will last is up in the air.

They have since cancelled next year’s Queen’s speech, staying in power for 2 years minimum to deal with Brexit.

Lack of leadership

The government put £5 million aside for the victims and initially promised that the victims would be rehoused in the area, but since then they have U-turned on the latter and they can’t now guarantee that they will be rehoused in London. Theresa May has admitted failures on the government’s part. With the Conservatives trying to cobble together a coalition with the DUP with the DUP and a team to negotiate Brexit, residents are angry at no leadership being displayed at Grenfell Tower.

Some are even saying there are just tents full of body bags. Sadiq Khan has since said that he plans to ‘tear down’ tower blocks built in the 60s and 70s, saying they were a mistake and replace them with affordable housing.