What is it that unites the Liberal Democrats compared to the other two main parties in British Politics? The Conservatives can agree on how to achieve wealth creation and Labour is bound together by a desire to achieve social justice. But the Liberal Democrats' raisons d'etre is a desire to achieve electoral reform by replacing first-past-the-post with a more proportional system and integrating Britain further into the EU.

Whilst serving as president of his party, Tim Farron pledged to accept the AV Referendum result in 2011. He claimed to be a democrat who respects electoral outcomes.

And yet, the British public had just overwhelmingly voted against scrapping first-past-the-post, one of the Liberal Democrats' core missions in British politics. But since Britain voted to leave the EU last year in another referendum, Mr. Farron has done everything in his power to attempt to reverse Brexit. If remaining in the EU matters more to the Liberal Democrats' identity than electoral reform, why don't they just come out and admit it? But Mr. Farron's behaviour serves to remind since last year serves to remind us that this man is neither liberal, nor democratic. He is just a hypocrite.

He knows deep down his party stands no chance of forming the next government of the United Kingdom. He is aware first-past-the-post will stifle a Liberal Democrat revival.

Opinion polls suggest those who voted to remain in the EU last year want the Government to crack on with Brexit. Mr. Farron's claim of representing the 48% is fake, because t huge swathes of people accept last year's result. He needs to refrain from embarrassing himself further.

The Liberal Democrats are worried their unique identity in British politics is about to be eradicated.

They probably accepted the AV Referendum result because they still had a Europhile identity to rally behind post-2011, despite electoral reform being defeated for generations to come. Yet the electorate decided in a democratic referendum to leave the EU, and the reason Mr. Farron cannot accept this result is because the Liberal Democrats will have nothing left to stand for post-Brexit. But this does not excuse the fact the Liberal Democrat leader is still a hypocrite for accepting one referendum result and not another.