President Duterte was on a visit to Russia for more weapons to fight Islamic terrorists when violence erupted back home. Islamic terrorists who are linked tot ISIS stormed the city of Marawi. The city has a predominantly Muslim population and is a fairly large city with a population of 200,000. The news reached the president in Moscow. As a first step, he imposed martial law and handed over greater power to the army. He also cut short his visit and flew back home. The Philippine army has now been given air support and a massive attack was launched.

The army is using "Maximum Force' and as per reports, 61 militants have already been killed. In addition, a relentless air bombing has commenced and this has demoralized the Muslim terrorists. They have reacted and have started killing many hostages and citizens who wanted to escape from Marawi. Duterte has arrived back home and is coordinating the battle against Islamic militants.

Independent state

The Islamic Militants have fought the Philippine government for decades. The government in Manila was negotiating for a political solution, but it appears the Islamic militants want nothing short of an independent state with the Sharia. Duterte has called off the negotiations and asked the army to crush the terrorists.

The army has been fighting the insurgents for decades. The Islamists are however far from being defeated and have over the years, captured many foreigners and executed them.

Fighting Islamic militancy

The president has realized the true nature of Islamic militancy. He has now imposed martial law and handed over greater power to the army.

The terrorists are now short of food and ammunition and are facing a relentless air bombing. The real fight will be in the thick jungles and the Philippine army will have to gear up for this battle. Zia Alonto Adilong, spokesperson of the provincial crisis management committee has said " They want to leave.They are afraid for their safety.

Some are running out of food to eat. They fear they will be hit by bullets, by airstrikes". This was reported by RT News.


Duterte waged a successful war on drugs and the mafia that controls the drug trade. Hundreds have been killed in extra-judicial killings. He will now have to tackle Islamic militancy which is harder to face. They are a religion-based fanatic group and things won't be easy. The future of the Philippines will depend on how the army faces the Islamic militants. Duterte is perhaps the best man for the job.