The Manchester Attack was the handiwork of British-born Muslim, 22 year-old Salman Abedi, this man was radicalised by Al-Baghdadi and his followers. He became so committed to Islamic resurgence, and the return of the Caliphate, that he felt he should do as much damage as possible to England. In other words, kill as many English citizens as possible. Probably, the young man felt that by sacrificing his life the Islamic Caliphate will be born and he will go to heaven. The Islamic heaven includes 72 virgin wives and an unspecified number of boys.

Failure to identify the source of terror

The British government failed to identify this source of terror, and into the bargain put their own citizens' lives at risk. The British prime minister Theresa May was trying to be politically correct when in all her speeches she failed to mention "Islamic terror". She talked of terror in general terms, and that is not the way to fight terrorists. She should have taken a leaf out her ally Donald Trump's book, who even in his first address to Congress in February this year talked of "radical Islamic terror". The English approach has led to fighting an invisible enemy.

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill, the great wartime leader, clearly identified the enemy.

One can recollect that he denounced the Munich pact with Hitler calling him "evil". Theresa May and the British leadership must follow Churchill. How do you fight an enemy when you don't identify him? Theresa May and company have done a great disservice to the English by failing to Identify The Enemy as "politically incorrect".

Once you don't identify the enemy the law enforcement agencies are also bewildered. Thus, attacks by radical Muslims, most of them homegrown, have spread in Europe and hundreds are killed. Will this stop? I don't think so, and there are millions around the world who also echo similar thoughts.

Islamic terror is the result of a dream.

An impossible dream that an Islamic Caliphate will be restored. It fires the imagination of the believers and the result is mayhem, murder, and suicide bombers. One has in such circumstances to identify the source of the problem. This is also part of the Principles of War as enunciated by Clausewitz.

Religion-based terror movement

The world is facing a religion-based terror philosophy. England is no exception. But England's political leadership is at fault by making statements denouncing terror and not stating that the source is radical Islam.

This attitude won't lead to victory, but a stalemate where hundreds of innocent English will be killed as the radical Islamists continue the spread of Islam. Already there is talk of an Islamisation of Europe. The facts are always hard to digest.