A catch phrase associated with Donald Trump and "The Apprentice" reality show is, “You're Fired”. "The Apprentice" is a US-based reality TV show that started in 2004 created by Mark Burnett and starring Donald Trump. Contestants drawn from celebrities of sorts compete for the job of apprentice to Donald Trump. The contestants are given tasks to complete each week and the one who does not make the cut each week is fired. In light of the many people let go early in this presidency, has the reality show come to the white house?

Transition clean up

Just days after his upset victory, Donald Trump took the axe to his transition team.

Governor Chris Christie, a staunch supporter of the President during the elections was unceremoniously replaced by Mike Pence as chief of his transition team. Former representative Mike Rogers of Michigan and Matthew Freedman, a lobbyist, were fired. These firings were allegedly linked to the son-in-law of Trump, Jared Kushner. Then there was Rudolph Giuliani who was expected to be a shoe in for the job of Secretary of State - It did not happen. It felt like "The Apprentice" all over again but at the White House.

Are you with me?

You are either with him or against him and the latter comes with serious consequences. This was the hard lesson learned by many of Trump's critics as he wasted no time firing those who did not share his vision for America.

Craig Deare was appointed by Trump to head the National Security Council Western Hemisphere Division. He made one big mistake; criticizing Trump's policy on Latin America at a private talk. So it was that after a month in his new office, he was banished to his old office. Another of Trump's officials to get the axe was Shermichael Singleton, a top aid to Ben Carson was reportedly fired due to criticisms he made about Trump in the past.

Do your job or do as I say

In the new Administration, you can be fired by Trump so you only have two options; do your job or do the President's bidding. Sally Yates, the Acting Attorney General did not hear the words "you're fired!" instead she got the boot through a hand delivered letter according to reports. The reason for her firing according to a white House source was for "refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States," Yates had instructed lawyers in the justice department not to defend the executive order on immigration and refugees.

Can I trust you?

You don't have to disagree with the new chief to get the "Apprentice" treatment. If there is any suspicion that you may not be loyal then you are persona non grata. Four career officials were fired even before their replacements were found. Of course they weren't fired "Apprentice" style as we were told that their resignations were accepted. Assistant secretaries for administration and consular affairs Joyce Anne Barr and Michele Bond lost their jobs. So too did Gentry Smith, Director of the office of Foreign Missions and Patrick Kennedy undersecretary for management.