It's true when they say politicians fail to learn from history, and who does Spanish foreign minister (in reference to the Dad's Army theme tune) Alfonso Dastis think he is kidding when he says Spain should have 'joint sovereignty' over Gibraltar?

Lord Howard was correct to remind Spain about Britain's victory over a Spanish-speaking country in 1982 when we defended the Falkland Islands from Argentina. Jack Straw may be right to say this spat 'stinks of jingoism', but our victory in the Falklands should prove to the Spaniards (as if the War of Spanish Succession was not enough) that the British spirit will always protect Britons at both home and abroad.

The truth of the matter is that Spain, like Argentina, is using a dispute over Gibraltar to restore popularity to its failing government at home. There have been talks in recent months that Spain's economy is the next ticking time-bomb to go boom. With the Rock being such an easy target, the Spanish Government want to bully a British Overseas Territory to make themselves feel powerful yet again.

So bring it on, Mr. Dastis, because the British Bulldog defeated the Spanish Bull in 1701-1714, and we will certainly do it again if we have to. I suggest Spain focuses on its own domestic issues first. And let's not even begin to discuss their claims to Moroccan territory...