Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the EU last year, with 96% of the Rock's people voting to approve of a union with their European counterparts. And how does its closest EU neighbour, Spain, return the favour? By threatening their future as a British Overseas Territory. It comes as no surprise that Spain and the EU originate from the same ilk; they both fail to respect democratic outcomes.

Most people who follow politics are aware of the EU's lack of respect for democratic outcomes. Denmark, France, Holland, Ireland, and then Holland again, have all voted against closer integration in this superbloc, and in that order.

Spain may not have invaded Gibraltar after the 1967, 2002 and 2013 referendums declaring their support to remain as an Overseas Territory, but the Rock's neighbours will do almost anything to reclaim its sovereignty over them. And Brexit has emerged as that golden opportunity for them to overturn the democratic will of the people of Gibraltar, which has been reaffirmed three times now.

And now that Spain supports Scotland's EU accession if they choose to become an independent country, it is apparent they are trying to undermine Brexit. But like in 1588, 1714 and 1782, we will defeat them again, but this time, on a negotiating table.