It is no secret since the EU Referendum last year that Ukip has been landed with numerous problems. First, there was the resignation of Diane James as leader. Then they failed to win Stoke Central this year. And now they have lost Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless. But the party's internal war with these former Conservatives has been a distraction to the pro-Brexit party for so long that the removal of this obstacle may actually aid the party in building a new post-Brexit identity. It could well be a blessing in disguise for them.

Whilst the Conservatives worried about how to make Brexit work since June 23rd, Carswell's war with Mr.

Farage made the headlines. After campaigning for their entire political life to leave the European Union, UKIP achieved their aim and instead had to worry about petty squabbles.

Many suggestions have emerged as to how UKIP could evolve now. First, they need to ditch the name. Brexit is transforming into a reality now. They need to represent something bold and refreshing. With a Conservative government in power that is not pursuing Thatcherite policies and a huge libertarian membership base, they could always mount pressure on the Tories to advocate more free market policies. With their support strongest in England, they could also become the friends of English devolution and campaign for a constitutional settlement that preserves the United Kingdom and restores a sense of identity to all parts of the kingdom.

The possibilities are endless. And with their two biggest distractions gone and a pasting in Stoke Central, it's time for UKIP to transition into a new political arena that they (ironically) helped create, or die.