If you haven't seen the news already, Theresa May has welcomed Donald Tusk's re-election as President of the European Council. Perhaps she is being 'typically' British and being polite about the result. Maybe her former Remain instincts are kicking in and she is genuinely happy that a passionate supporter of the European project has been re-elected.

Brexit or no Brexit

But it isn't good news for those of us who want a 'hard Brexit.' Donald Tusk will be anything but lenient towards the UK. Sure, many of his EU leaders have re-elected him because he is viewed as a 'safe pair of hands', but this is a man who supports a federal Europe.

His dealings in Poland portray him as a dishonest politician. The only leaders who welcome his re-election are those who also strive towards creating a United States of Europe.

Battle of egos

He has said in the past that the UK must either have a hard 'Brexit or no Brexit.' Yet he is not particularly enthusiastic about the procedure either. He will also have to battle with the egos of other politicians like Juncker and Merkel who are refusing to allow the UK continued access to the Single Market without accepting the free movement of workers.

This is a man not to be trusted. A stalwart Europhile, he will not make these negotiations easy.