Throughout 2016, Stronger In attacked Vote Leave for failing to clarify what Brexit Britain would look like. But if you paid attention to Theresa May's conference speech last year, it is clear Brexit means leaving the EU and the Single Market. As for Sturgeon's plans for an independent Scotland, they are equally unclear.


Her predecessor has embarrassed Sturgeon this week on LBC by suggesting that Scotland would join the EEA as opposed to the EU. This goes against the SNP's platform for a second referendum.

Of course, the Snp were quick to deny the plans.

A spokesman contradicted Alex Salmond's claims.

But EU leaders have made it increasingly clear that they would not allow Scotland to rejoin the EU. Spain and Belgium are particularly hostile to the idea due to nationalism in regions in their own countries.

Cold water

Salmond's LBC interview will only pour further Cold Water on what has already been a terrible week for the SNP, with numerous reports contradicting Sturgeon's claim that Scotland could thrive outside the UK.

Perhaps this is the beginning of things to come in the SNP?