I chose this photo to remind readers of sturgeon's failure to negotiate a trade agreement with the Chinese last year. If she cannot do this under a devolved administration, how can she possibly expect scotland to thrive as an independent, post-Brexit nation?

The First Minister's press conference has been quickly trashed. First comes the intervention from EEA/EFTA leaders that Scotland would not automatically join these trading blocs if it left the UK. Then comes Salmond's contradiction of Sturgeon's plans to retain Scotland's Eu Membership as an independent country, instead suggesting she wants to reapply to join the Single Market, or the EEA.

And now, Theresa May has shattered her ambitions altogether by blocking the Scottish Government's right to hold a second vote.

Throughout the 2014 Referendum, the SNP's arguments were consistently flawed. It was unclear whether Scotland would retain the euro or the pound and how much of the deficit they would have to take with them. And now the SNP cannot explain what type of EU membership they want post-Brexit.

Ruth Davidson may well be right to suggest that the unionists would win with a bigger majority in a second vote; the SNP's aspirations for independence are worse than they were in 2014.