So you have chosen Tamarindo as your vacation destination. Good choice! You are in for great adventure. This coastal paradise in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica will entice you with its tantalizing allure. Tamarindo has something to offer everyone whether you like lazy days on the beautiful white sandy beaches, taking in the magnificent sunsets or surfing and scuba diving. In addition, there is plenty to entertain you and you will experience a scintillating nightlife you won't soon forget. Some of the best nightlife, Entertainment and attractions in Tamarindo are waiting for you.

Crazy Monkey Bar.

You may be lucky to spot the Howler monkeys swinging from branch to branch in Tamarindo; perhaps the inspiration for the popular Crazy Monkey Bar. At the crazy monkey bar the only swinging going on is to the nightly, pulsating, live and DJ music. Located in the Tamarindo Vista Villas you will immerse yourself in the dazzling views, cool off in the pool when things get too hot and they will. And ladies, Friday nights are your nights at the Crazy Monkey Bar. Did you know that the Crazy Monkey Bar was featured on the TV entertainment show WILD ON some years ago? Need I say more?


If reggae is your style or even if it isn't, it will become after a visit to Babylon, which is the town's reggae bar.

If like me you welcome the opportunity to rub shoulders with the locals and get a feel for local culture, this somewhat dingy bar will satisfy your needs. It is the place to be on Saturday nights where you will find an almost equal mixture of tourists and locals enjoying Tamarindo's nightlife entertainment With both indoor and outdoor areas, Babylon boasts a large indoor, under the-stairs stage with plenty of room for gyrating visitors.

It is time to let go of your inhibitions and get down to some dirty dancing.

The Dragonfly Restaurant and Bar.

Tamarindo is famous for its international cuisine, so there is sure to be something to please a variety of discerning taste buds. The Dragonfly Restaurant and Bar offers a varied menu that cater to vegetarians, meat loves or those who like their meat or fish in the raw; there is plenty of sushi available.

Try their Chile rubbed Pork chops, if you dare!

Barcelo Plata Langosta Resort and Casino.

For those of you who need your gambling fix while on vacation, you have a choice of two casinos; one is located at the Barcelo Plata Langosta Resort and Casino and the Jazz Casino, close to the El Diria hotel.

Tamarindo will leave you breathless; its tropical beauty, the sights, the sounds, the people and the activities all await you. To ensure you don't miss out on anything, plan your daily activities carefully. Tour companies are a great asset in this regard. Be sure to reserve some energy for the sizzling nights that await you.