Well done to the Theresa May, who wiped the floor clean with Jeremy Corbyn today over the NHS.

Labour failure to claim there is a "health crisis"

The NHS has been a weak area for the Tories in the past, but today the Prime Minister hammered the Leader of the Opposition with statistics that contradicted the claims of the Labour leader that the Government is presiding over a "crisis" in our health service.

This shows that her performances at PMQs are improving every week and that she is becoming increasingly confident in battling her opposite number at the dispatch box.

Prime Minister's support from colleagues

By the jeers coming from the Government benches, it is clear she has the support of her colleagues when it comes to clashing with Corbyn. Considering Labour claim to have a monopoly over the NHS, the Conservative's hand was strong when she could prove that our health service had progressed since 2010.

By-election saviour

This will serve as a relief to the Conservatives, who are fighting two by-elections this week where Labour are desperately trying to make political capital over the NHS to claw back lost voters. It seems Corbyn failed to do that before tomorrow.