Democratic Socialism works very well in Scandinavian countries, amongst the top ten happiest and wealthiest nations on Earth, so why not here?

So much for Brexit saving the NHS. Surely people now must have woken up to the fact that the crisis in the NHS is purely the responsibility of the Conservative Party and no one else. Jeremy Corbyn represents true Democratic Socialist Labour, erasing the infiltration and blight of the neo-liberal Tory-lite Blair years. Corbyn will save our NHS, our community services, invest and nationalise our public transport, invest massively in green energy, driving down our energy bills, he'll make sure that our social services will take care of our vulnerable elderly and disabled/sick citizens.

Our country faces a crisis not seen since the end of the Second World War, and as Democratic Socialism came to power then and lifted the country from the ruination of the war, it will do so again under Jeremy Corbyn, a thoroughly decent, caring and gentle man. Democracy will still remain, and all the opportunities that we strive for, to be successful, to become wealthy, it's just that we'll be more responsible for each other, and surely it is obvious that we will all benefit hugely from that.

Post Second World War Democratic Socialism in Britain

After the Second World War, under Democratic Socialist Labour and Clement Attlee, the country saw a 10% rise in living standards and wealth for every year on consecutive year that Attlee was in power.

Clement Attlee's Labour Democratic Socialist Party;

  • Created the NHS, a health service free at the point of use, regardless of wealth or poverty.
  • Created Social Security.
  • Created Social Housing.
  • Created National Parks and Designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • Gave us the right to roam, ride horseback or cycle freely in these spaces.
  • Oversaw a consecutive 10% year on year rise of wealth in household income for all.

Amazing and evolutionary achievements, that transformed our nation, and we can see how loved the NHS remains to this day.

Democratic Socialism would mean a country that can take pride in itself once more

Socialism works fantastically well, for instance here in Europe, in Scandinavian countries such as Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, all amongst the happiest, wealthiest and most content nations on Earth. Just remember, we all get sick, we all get old, and we will all need care.

Please help us stop the criminal disservice and horrendous neglect that this Tory Government is dishing out to those that need it most. It most likely will be you too one day. Jeremy Corbyn represents real Labour, real Democratic Socialism. A country where we have moral decency, and where we take pride in achievement, success, and material gain, but where we also take pride in how we treat our vulnerable, the sick, the disabled, and our elderly citizens, who surely deserve the greatest care of all.