The NHS is in crisis. Tory neglect via policy is leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths

Whichever administration holds the reigns of power, there will always be, inevitably, protest and resistance. A few years ago I began to speak out, to protest. The creeping privatisation of the NHS had begun under Labour’s Tony Blair. Leader of a Party with a founding ideology of Democratic Socialism, let's just be absolutely clear that Tony Blair was, and is, no Democratic Socialist. When the Tories allied and formed a Government with the Liberal Democrats in 2010, the real damage began.

Jeremy Hunt, became the Health minister. Mr Hunt had co-written a pamphlet in 2005, calling for the NHS to be replaced with private insurance. Thus began the dismantling of our cherished NHS. The jewel in Britain’s crown. To make matters worse, as the NHS was privatised, piece by piece, it has been revealed that many of the private contracts have been sold to private healthcare firms that many Tory MPs, funders and peers, have shares with and links to.

Under the Tories the real damage began

The Conservative Party with Theresa May at the helm are privatising and outsourcing larger and larger chunks of the NHS. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) now defines Britain as having one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world.

Services are being cut left, right and centre, 19 hospitals currently face closure. Add to this the Conservative Party's draconian program of slashing Social Care funds, and it is no wonder that our vulnerable elderly citizens have totally inadequate care, or no care at all at home. Crippling loneliness, depression, often left alone to sit or lie in their own excrement.

As a result of these draconian cuts to Social Care by the Conservative Party, our vulnerable elderly are becoming trapped in hospital beds, of which there are already a major shortage, again, thanks to the Conservative Party. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the Red Cross declared a Humanitarian Crisis in the NHS this winter.

People dying in hospital corridors, not nearly enough beds, operations cancelled, cancer treatments postponed.

The Conservative Party are lying though their teeth, and it's costing lives

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, repeatedly pressures Theresa May on these issues at PMQs (Prime Ministers Questions) and she repeatedly, over and over, refuses to respond directly to Corbyn's questions, especially concerning the NHS. To add insult to injury, she even attempted to lay the blame at the Labour Party’s feet. Well excuse me Mrs May, you are the administration that has been running this country for 7 years. Not Labour. What upsets me the most, is the way our elderly are being treated in this country.

These are our citizens, who have lived and contributed their whole lives to our country, in a myriad of ways. They deserve our upmost care, and respect, and they deserve wholly to live in dignity and comfort. It is an absolute disgrace that this Conservative Government, is wholly neglecting to care for our elderly, which has resulted in so many deaths. It is Gross Negligent Manslaughter, for which those responsible within the Conservative Party, deserve nothing less than to stand trial in the docks of Hague.